Silverlight2 for mobileについて情報探索中…。明日までにはあげられるかな?


die Silverlight, die
By sleepy Posted Thursday 30th October 2008 11:26 GMT

Please please let Silverlight and mobile Flash die. Please let us just use open standards for the mobile web. We’ve only just fought clear of Microsoft’s embrace extend smother hijacking of Web 1.0 on the desktop.

For now it looks like being Apple and Google pursuing open standards versus Microsoft and Adobe rebuilding the bad old days in the mobile space.

By Mr. Wurst Posted Thursday 30th October 2008 12:48 GMT

Apple pursuing open standards? Good joke! No ODF support, NFS mounts on mac are a hell to setup, iChat can’t be more closed.. I don’t see any interest in open standards anywhere..

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