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忙しくてとりあえず登録したものの放置していたApp Hubからメールが来ていました。Winodws Phone Marketplaceのアップデートに伴い、学生の身分証明プロセスが簡素化されたみたいです。折角だし端末unlockしてMango Beta化してみようかな。

Important Enhancement to App Hub Registration Process for Students

July 22, 2011

Now that the next release of the Windows Phone Marketplace App Hub has launched, we are reaching out to make you aware of a change to the registration process and how it may impact your account.

In the new release of App Hub, publisher identification for Student accounts happens in real-time during account registration. You no longer have to submit an application to trigger a separate publisher identity verification process.

Since you have not yet submitted an application, the next time you sign in to App Hub, you will notice your account will be reverted back to Step 1 of the registration process. All of the information you have previously provided will be pre-populated and you will be asked to follow the onscreen instructions to complete your account activation.

Once you’ve completed registration your account will be immediately activated and you can unlock your phone for in-device testing. This will greatly simplify the process of getting your account activated and, ultimately, your apps published to the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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