What’s this?

CardSafe/E is a password manager works on your mesh. With CardSafe/E, you can sync your credential information among your PCs and Live Desktop on the web. It will allow you access the up-to-date information even when network is temporary disconnected.

How is the synchronization work?

The answer is Live Framework. Live Framework is the uniform way for programming Live Services from any platform, programming language, application or device. This framework provides applications synchronization service. Since CardSafe/E is implemented as a Mesh enabled Web application, not only data sync, but also automatically application deploy for your PCs is provided.

How to set up

Currently, CardSafe/E is released as an alpha preview and it is not suitable for daily use. Since Live Framework that CardSafe/E utilizes is released as a CTP, CardSafe/E is currently available evaluation perpose also. If you are a developer and interested in Live Framework, please follow the setup procedure below:

  1. Join the CTP.
    Currently the Live Framework SDK and tools are in a CTP. Although space is limited, you can request an invitation code through the Microsoft Connect site.
  2. Register at Azure Service Developer Portal
    When you received your invitation code, sign in to the Azure Service Developer Portal to redeem with your invitation code with your provision account. You will get access privileges to
  3. Install the Live Framework Client from
  4. Create a new project as a Mesh enabled web application in this page.
  5. Upload the package
    Mesh enabled web application is packaged as a zip file. Don’t unzip when you deploy it.

For more information, please refer MSDN. For Japanese, 連載:使ってみよう! Live Framework| … 技術評論社 will be the best article to understand Live Framework.

How to use

Under construction..

System Requirement

  1. Silverlight 3 RTW
  2. Live Framework Client

Download (Don’t unzip!)


2009-07-10 Update for changing Silverlight version from 3 Beta to 3 RTW
2009-07-09 Initial version released.

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