iKnow ItemBankPanel for VisualStudio

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iKnow ItemBankPanel for VisualStudio is a VisualStudio add-in that gives you access to the iKnow ItemBank via iKnow API provided by Cerego. If you are not good at English, you may come across a uncertainty of word selection of the identifier. This add-in will be the best helper for your coding. iKnow ItemBankPanel allows you to look up words you don’t know translation, find related exsample sentences and the sound of pronunciation, and add an item to your list of iKnow. Let’s install and enjoy your stress-free coding life!


iKnow ItemBankPanel for VisualStudio Setup.zip

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista or Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later (Vista suggested)

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

  • Microsoft VisualStudio 2008 SP1 Standard Edition or higher

    How to install

    Please unzip “iKnow ItemBankPanel for VisualStudio Setup.zip”, and execute “iKnow ItemBankPanel for VisualStudio Setup.msi”.

    How to use

    You can open iknow ItemBankPanel from the tool menu or the contextmenu.

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    Please fill the credential form from the searchbar menu before use.

     image 2

    Guide of the search result view


    1. Click this button, the sound of pronunciation will play.
    2. Open this expander, you can check the example sentences.
    3. Click this “+” button, your can add the selected item to your word list of iKnow.


    How to uninstall

    Please uninstall by “Add or Remove Programs” utility in the Control Panel.

    Source Code

    The source code of iKnow ItemBankPanel for VisualStudio & iKnow ItemBankPanel for Word is disclosed under X11 Lisence.



    2009-01-13 Beta version released.

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